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MRCOOL Universal 2 to 3 Ton (24000-36000 BTU) 19 SEER Central Heat Pump Air Conditioner System

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SKU MDU18024036

MRCOOL Universal 2 to 3 Ton (24000-36000 BTU) 19 SEER Central Heat Pump Air Conditioner System


The MRCOOL Universal Series Central Heat Pump and Air Conditioner System is a new and innovative heating and cooling unit that is more efficient, quieter, and easier to install compared to traditional central air conditioner systems.

Unlike conventional heat pump split systems, the MRCOOL Universal uses a DC inverter compressor to regulate performance based on the fluctuating demand. It can scale up capacity when necessary and scale down in favorable weather. This saves you money on energy costs and on maintenance.

The Universal Series Condenser can work with existing air handlers from other brands, but performs best with air handlers from MRCOOL.

The MRCOOL Universal Central 2-3 Ton Heat Pump Air Conditioner System comes with an easy to install, full size air handler and slim condenser, suitable for 2-3 ton (24K-36K BTU) applications. This translates to 1,100 - 1,550 square feet. This system is incredibly flexible, combining the ultimate in ducted comfort and easy installation. The 3 ton condenser can be field converted to a 2 ton with a different dip switch setting. The quick connect fittings on the condenser and air handler allow for an easy installation processes with MRCOOL's pre-charged lines, available as a separate accessory up to 50 feet in length. Using the same inverter technology used by the MRCOOL mini splits, the system can run at different speeds to optimize comfort and efficiency.

We also sell the MRCOOL Universal 4-5 Ton Central Air Conditioner which can cover 2,200-2,750 square feet.

THE MRCOOL Universal Series Heat Pump can continue heating in temperatures as low As -22. The Universal can deliver 100% cooling capacity at temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 80% heat output down to -4 degrees. The air handler comes with an electrical box assembly, a fan motor, a secondary drain pan, a primary drain pan, and an optional auxiliary heat kit.

No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set

The MRCOOL No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set is one of the biggest advantages of the MRCOOL Universal Series Central Heat and Air Split System. This line set is kink resistant, pre-charged with R410a refrigerant, and uses Quick Connect fittings. 

The quick connect functionality means that the installation of the Universal System saves you hours, and doesn't require any special tools and equipment. 


Quiet - For every 10 Decibels (dBa) a sound is twice as loud-making the Universal 55 dB(a) less than half as loud as the conventional 73 dB(a) condenser.

Slim Design - Side discharge design takes less than half the size of conventional condensers. Perfect for urban lots and between building applications where access is limited.

Easy installation - The Universal® has Flare, Flare-to-Weld, or No-Vac® Quick Connect® line set options and Multi-Position Air Handler installation options (Upflow, Horizontal).

Use any thermostat - Compatible with any thermostat, including Nest, or optimize your system with our versatile smart-app Universal® Thermostat.

Energy efficient - Up to 20 Seer. The Universal® DC Inverter moderates operating load, increasing efficiency at lower operating costs.

Gold Fin® Condenser - Corrosion resistant. Perfect for homes and buildings near the beach.

Long warranty -  Receive a 10-year limited part warranty when a professional installs the system.


More Info

  • Comes with quick connect fittings for easy installation
  • 2 ton or 3 ton setting
  • 80% BTU output at -4°F
  • Fireproof electrical box
  • Multi-positional installation (compatible with upflow and horizontal applications)
  • No gas required; all electric system
  • Compatible with 3rd party thermostats; use your favorite or upgrade to a smart thermostat
  • No specialized tools required for installing the line sets
  • MRCOOL temperature compensation technology helps keep you comfortable in any weather condition


  • MDUO18024036 
  • MDUI18024036E 


MDU18024036 (MDUO18024036 + MDUI18024036E)

230V 1 Phase 60 Hz

Indoor Unit: 15A | Outdoor Unit: 35A
3.0 Ton
Indoor Unit: 48.2" | Outdoor Unit: 32.3"
Indoor Unit: 21.3" | Outdoor Unit: 37"
DEPTH Indoor Unit: 21.3" | Outdoor Unit: 18.1"
410.00 lbs

10 Years

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