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AlorAir Zeus 900 Air Mover Professional Dryer

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The Zeus 900 Air Mover with unique patent-pending airflow technology bring innovation revolution in the industry!
The Zeus 900 features focused airstream that can almost be 950 CFM and a lightweight stackable designed to fit in vehicle space, on-board duplex GFCI outlet (GFCI is not available for 220/240V need to be customized), circuit breaker, and superior cord management.

The Zeus 900, half the height of standard carpet dryers and draws just 1.9 amps! With the Zeus 900's high-velocity airflow, you can rapidly dry the largest area, or tackle any problems with five versatile positions.

Key Features
  • It is small in size – it can fit in a car and transport with ease. In fact, the dehumidifier is half the size of a standard drier.
  • Comes fitted with a circuit breaker – the breaker protects the air mover and any other attached device. It prevents unnecessary opening of the junction box.
  • It draws a current of 1.9 amps at maximum speed- this allows it to dry carpet even faster than any other product from competitors. It has a high-velocity airflow that allows it to dry a larger area.
  • It is GFCI compliant- the unit promotes the operator's safety especially during the wet conditions. Ensure that it is grounded to eliminate electrical shock and fire.
  • Is a daisy chain unit that allows having up to 6 fans on a 15 amp circuit?
  • Comes with a 20 ft. AC cord- this is essential when you want the unit to serve areas that are far away from a power outlet.
  • Has an automatic hour meter display site
  • Allows for interlocking of units- This is important especially if you are operating in areas that are limited in space. It also allows you to store the unit easily. You can stack the units together with each unit facing in a different direction for quick dehumidification
  • Comes with a maintenance-free bearing motor – it allows the unit to operate at very low noise.  If the motor is kept free of dust, it reduces the chances of overheating. Ensure you get the motor cleaned with a vacuum pump.
  • It is capable of over 950 CFM- this is a greater velocity than any other equipment from competitors is capable of delivering.
  • Comes with a Flex handle- this makes transporting the unit easier.
  • Comes with 5 drying positions that maximize flexibility.-this is critical if you want to improve the entire area and remove environmental hazards that are likely to threaten the lives of your loved ones.
  • It is lightweight – the unit is linear low-density polyethylene housing. It is compact and washable and chemical resistant. The fact that it is lightweight means that it can fit in vehicle space.
  • Features HEPA media – this is an important feature that ensures that all particles are removed during restoration. It is rugged and gives you solid control of its usage.



Compact size makes Zeus 900 the most compact and portable fan in its class. The rugged molded handle gives you the solid control during packing and unpacking lots of air movers. Its easy-winding cord wrap and multiple security options make it safe and easy for transport. Zeus 900 is rock solid when stacked for transport as its mold features.

Zeus 900 is the most versatile air movement system available. With its patent pending, the Zeus 900 can deliver airflow of 950 CFM. The unit is stable in operation in all 5 drying positions with flexibility. Wherever adverse environmental pose a threat to health, safety, and efficiency, Zeus 900 is the right solution for improving air quality.

Zeus 900 has the safest fan in its class as it has GFCI convenience receptacle which protects not only connected loads but onboard components. This is unlike common fans on the market that require external GFCI protection (GFCI is not available for 220/240V need to be customized).


  • Less than 1.8 amps
  • Duct at Outlet
  • Power-on indicator light
  • Automatic hour meter displays site runtime
  • Circuit breaker protects air mover and attached devices and prevents nuisance visits to the junction box
  • GFCI protection promotes operator safety in wet applications
  • 20 ft AC cord with cord management (GFCI is not available for 220/240V need to be customized)
  • Units interlock for ease of stacking during storage and handling
  • Daisy chain up to 6 fans on a single 15 Amp circuit
  • Over 900 CFM
  • Maintenance free Bearing Motor
  • Flex handle
  • 5 drying positions to maximize flexibility
  • LCD Display

Why you should use the air Mover

The unit comes with great features customized to meet the client’s needs. It is a multipurpose and impeccable air mover that can be relied on for drying flooded areas. The fact that you can chain connect up to six fans allows it to perform the restoration job faster. Also, it can be operated in multiple positions meaning that it can be used to serve unique purposes such as drying walls, staircases, and horizontal positions. The unit can also be used to dry the ceiling faster than any other unit. So depending on the area you will be working on, it will do the job even when space is limited.

The unit delivers 950 CFM of air and comes fitted with a convenient carry handle that makes moving it to designated areas easier.



Why You Need Zeus 900 Air Mover
    Zeus 900 air mover is a must buy equipment. It can help circulate air in the spaces in which it is placed. It consumes little energy and can be started and stopped at any time. The unit can be deployed to dry damp areas or it can be deployed in the workplace environment.

    If your home has suffered from water damage, you need the tool to be used in the restoration process.

    If the nature of your work entails cleaning carpets, Zeus 900can effectively be deployed to blow air across the carpets and help in their drying process. In fact, this is the most common application of Zeus 900.  Painters use it to dry paints or surfaces that need to be painted.

    If you have cabinets and furniture, cleaning under them may be a big challenge. But if you own Zeus 900, all you need is to direct it under the cabinet and furniture and it will do its work.

    If you leave in hot areas, you need Zeus 900 to help in the cooling process. It is designed to provide excellent conditioning and could be used to ventilate a stuffy area.

    For blowing- Since the unit circulates air at a high speed, it can be a great tool if you want to remove dirt, dust, and debris. It can also be used to keep insects at bay. It blows insects away making it difficult for them to settle down.


    • Fan 6 Blades
    • Control On/Off Switch With Variable Speed
    • Voltage 115 V/AC (220V/AC need to be customized)
    • Current 1.8 Amps (High Speed) @115 V/AC,0.6Amps (High Speed)
    • Cord 20 ft Power Cord
    • Outlet 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle
    • Airflow Approximately 950
    • Sound Pressure Level <69 DbA
    • Weight 19.2 Lbs(9.0KG)
    • Warranty 1 Year - 100% parts and labor(all components)
    • 2 Years - 100% parts only (all components)
    • 3-7 Years - Materials and workmanship of the housing only.
    • Static Pressure 1.7 in./H2O
    • Shipping Dim(W × H × D) 17.4” × 9.85” × 21.65”
    • cETL, CE, TUV, SGS


    How should you use the Zeus 900 Air Mover?


    The Zeus 900 Air Mover reaches its optimum performance while used under the following conditions:
    1. Prior to use ensure that the power cord and plug are not broken.
    2. Ensure the power switch is off, then unwrap the power cord and plug it into a standard 115V GFCI-protected outlet.
    3. Point the air outlet towards the area that needs to be dried.
    4. Press the Up or Down button to adjust the airflow speed on the panel.
    5. Once the surface is dry, turn the unit off and unplug the power cord.


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